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The Entertainment Industry's Voice for Road Safety.
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These supporters of RADD® (The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety) share how to be stylishly responsible on the road.

“I have a bit of a tomboy in me, but I can also be ultra feminine. My style is always evolving,and I love taking risks with fashion…but I’d never take risks on the road.”
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“One thing that annoys me is when people don’t drive responsibly. Talking on your cell or texting a friend while you’re behind the wheel is never safe. And if you’re out at night with your friends be sure to designate a driver or call a cab.”
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“I love mixing my favorite jeans with edgierstuff, like punk-inspired style. I’ll always try a new look—but I’ll never try my luck behind the wheel.”
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“I love mixing vintage jewelry with casual tops and jeans. What I don’t love mixingis driving and texting at the same time. Don’t do it.”
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