PARTY PLANNING: Include RADD’s Refreshing and Fanciful Mocktails!

/, Fun/PARTY PLANNING: Include RADD’s Refreshing and Fanciful Mocktails!

Summer has arrived, which means it’s time for get-togethers, pool parties, and kickbacks! These long, sunshine-filled days are best for spending time with friends and family after a long school year and even longer time away from being in a real classroom.

Splash into the season with these refreshing, mouthwatering mocktails! They’ll make for the perfect addition to any get-together that will also ensure you are able to drive home safely when it’s time to go.

Hosting a Summer Party

When planning your summer get-together, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Theme
  2. Location
  3. Food & Drinks
  4. Planning Ahead for a Safe Ride Home


While you don’t need to have a theme to throw a party, having one adds a creative and fun twist to your get-together. There are lots of summer themes out there such as having a classic pool party, a tropical theme, or even an outdoorsy camp theme!

When you decide on your theme, think about the ambiance and atmosphere and what you can do to bring that theme to life. Pinterest is great for looking up decor and style ideas! Aside from decorations, music will play a huge role in setting the mood. Ramp it up with the right playlist! Playlist recommendations: today’s pop, throwback, rock n roll, EDM, upbeat summer, etc.


Where you plan on hosting your party is totally up to you! While having a party at your home is great, consider all the options you have outside to soak up the sun while having fun. Having upscale picnics at the park with charcuterie boards and a chic pillow and blanket layout has been quite trendy this year, while having a party at the beach is almost a summer staple.

Food & Drinks

If you’re having a themed party, think of food and drinks that tie in with that theme. If it’s a summer theme, think light and refreshing, like sandwich wraps, Greek salad, and sparkling lemonades. If alcohol is involved, have plenty of protein packed foods to help slow the alcohol absorption process. Sliders, bacon wrapped hot dogs, beef tacos, or chicken tenders are good options. Having plenty of water when serving alcoholic beverages is also important!

Mocktails aren’t just for designated drivers or those that don’t prefer alcoholic beverages. They’re tasty and refreshing for anyone! Check out some of these mocktail recipes that’ll leave your mouth watering at Here’s a little teaser that will keep you hydrated and in the party:

Click on the images below to view the recipe

Planning Ahead for a Safe Ride Home

At RADD®, we believe that the most important part of throwing a party is creating a plan for a safe ride home. If you’re the host of the party that includes serving alcohol, be a friend and plan how your friends will be getting home safely. Consider allowing them to crash the night on your couch, order them a ride service, or arrange for a team of sober friends to drive them home. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk … Do you?®

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