August is THE time for outdoor picnics, bonfires and barbecues, and August 31st is National Eat Outdoors Day!

Whether you’re back in the classroom or getting ready to return, start planning now for places to go, people to see and things to do outside. These long, sunshine-filled days are best for enjoying the season and all living in California has to offer with friends and family so you’re refreshed and ready to get your head back in the game.

Include in the planning what type of food can be paired with a refreshing, mouthwatering mocktail! We’ve compiled quite a few mocktail recipes to consider for those that are driving or prefer to not drink alcohol. We’ve also thrown out some menu ideas to help get the ideas rolling.

Hosting An Outside Party

When planning your summer get-together, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Location
  2. Food & Drinks
  3. Planning Ahead for a Safe Ride Home

Grab an ice chest, picnic basket, chairs and a blanket! Read on and get ready to have a bunch of fun.


Where you plan on hosting your party is totally up to you! While having a party at your home is great, consider all the options you have outside to soak up the sun while having fun. Having upscale picnics at the park or in a meadow with charcuterie boards and a chic pillow and blanket layout has been quite trendy this year, while having a party at the beach is almost a staple this time of year. If you like the mountains, there are lots of options where you can hike to a fabulous viewpoint as your backdrop.

Where you go, think about what you’ll need to set up your space, and keep it simple, light and easy if you’re hiking or walking a distance from where your park your car. You can go the gamut at a park or beach – or even your backyard.

No electricity? No problem! Music is easy most anywhere there’s cell coverage, and bluetooth speakers go a long to providing a background music. Or perhaps you can bring a guitar, a tambourine and few other percussion instruments so everyone can get into the beat.

Food & Drinks

Light and refreshing is always a go-to for dining alfresco on a warm August day or evening, so you can consider something like sandwich wraps, Greek salad, and sparkling lemonades. If alcohol is involved, have plenty of protein packed foods to help slow the alcohol absorption process. Sliders, bacon wrapped hot dogs, beef tacos, or chicken tenders are good options. Having plenty of water when serving alcoholic beverages is also important!

Mocktails aren’t just for designated drivers or those that don’t prefer alcoholic beverages. They’re tasty and refreshing for anyone! Check out some of these mocktail recipes that’ll leave your mouth watering at Here’s a little teaser that will keep you hydrated and in the party:

Click on the images below to view the recipe

Planning Ahead for a Safe Ride Home

At RADD®, we believe that the most important part of throwing a party is creating a plan for a safe ride home. If you’re the host of the party that includes serving alcohol, be a friend and plan how your friends will be getting home safely. Consider allowing them to crash the night on your couch, order them a ride service, or arrange for a team of sober friends to drive them home. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk … Do you?®

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