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Green Dragon Mocktail


  INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 Tbsp (3/4 oz) Torani Green Apple Syrup 3/4 cup (6 oz) brewed green tea, chilled 8 fresh mint leaves ice Garnish: maraschino cherry and extra mint leaf on edge of glass INSTRUCTIONS Pulse together ingredients in a blender without ice, until drink is foamy. Pour over ice in a tall glass and garnish with a mint sprig.  

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Skinny Bloody Mary


Guilt-free for the DD. A take on a cocktail classic serves up all the flavor you love! Servings: 4 Calories per Serving: 24 Ingredients: 2 cups no salt added tomato juice or low-sodium vegetable juice 2 tablespoons lime or lemon juice 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1/2 teaspoon prepared horseradish Few drops bottled hot pepper sauce Ice cubes Celery sticks for garnish (optional) Directions: 1. Mix all juices, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish and hot pepper sauce. 2. Pour mixture over ice in glasses. 3. Garnish with celery sticks.

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Grapefruit Mock-Mosa


Crisp and Clean Grapefruit Mockmosa Get your festivities off to a sparkling start with this tasty treat featuring orange, grapefruit and lime juice. Servings: 3 Calories per serving: 59       Ingredients: 3/4 cup fresh orange juice 1/2 cup fresh grapefruit juice 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1 tablespoon sugar-free honey 1 12 – ounce bottle sparkling water, chilled Long, thin strips of orange peel, grapefruit peel and/or lime peel, curled for garnish (optional) Directions: 1. Combine orange juice, grapefruit juice, lime juice and honey and stir until honey is dissolved. Cover and chill for at least 2 hours to [...]

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Hot Toddy


Holiday Hot Toddy There’s no better way to kick off the cold holiday season than with this warm, soothing drink. Servings: 1 Calories per Serving: 53     Ingredients: 7 oz. hot black tea 1 tablespoon sugar-free honey 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground cloves 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1 lemon wedge Directions: 1. Pour honey, lemon juice and spices into large mug. 2. Top with hot tea, stir, then add lemon wedge for garnish.

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Virgin Cranberry Basil Sangria


YIELDS: 4 SERVINGS PREP TIME:10 MINS TOTAL TIME: 10 MINS by Makinze Gore INGREDIENTS 3 cups cranberry juice Juice of 1 orange (about 1/2 cups) 1 (12-oz.) can seltzer 1 orange, sliced 1 apple, cored and sliced 1/3 cups frozen cranberries 1/4 cups packed basil leaves Ice DIRECTIONS In a large pitcher, combine cranberry juice, orange juice, and seltzer. Add fruit and basil and stir to combine. Pour over ice to serve.

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Be Safe Tomorrow!


Did you know that tomorrow is "Black Out Wednesday?" Check out the short vid to learn about the cultural phenomenon that is associated with binge drinking and how dangerous it is, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. If you found this helpful, share this post with your family and friends or save it to share later. #RADDNight

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